Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is nearing and this year protesters at Occupy Wall Street locations around the world will be holding a candle light vigil for the late, great Dr. King. One can argue about the political and historical ramifications of this into eternity. Whether or not he would agree with the protesters, what he would think of President Obama and his presidency, etc. But none of these are what I want to write about. I just want the world to know that he is hero of mine, ever since I was a little girl until this very day. I know I am making this sentimental when the big bad political monsters would have me feel badly for such a thing regarding such a historical figure. But I will not feel bad. His words make me excited about life and the exploration of truth. His bravery is astounding. To this day we will be hard pressed to find someone with his dedication again. Whatever it is, personal or more, we shall overcome. Please listen closely to the clip below and really understand the photos in it. His words pierce through history with their ever presiding genuineness, authenticity and wisdom. Tears come to my eyes because of the struggle, the strength and search for justice pouring out of him. No lie can live forever, for reminding us of that, placing that idea into our souls, for being thrown in jail, for facing physical death, to free us of psychological death, for in no uncertain terms, proving to us that the arc of the moral universe is long yet it bends in the way of justice, for reminding us that God stands in the shadows to keep watch above His own, he deserves to be honored. For the mighty tone of his voice, a man so pure and gentle in his message, vision and dreams never existed.


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