New York City is a deep frozen jungle lately. Talking a walk to clear your thoughts or reflect is nearly impossible. The cold is brutal. This is just a small something for us to remember those less fortunate than us. There are those with no place to go home to on these frigid winter nights. No durable coats to wear, no warm meals to eat, no blanket to get cozy underneath while watching American Idol. I know our own lives get the best of us at every moment of every day. I just hope that you, whoever you are, take a moment to thank God, or whatever or whoever you believe in for your own blessings and ask for others burdens to be lessened and eased.  Life without compassion means nothing. Pay it forward! Even if it is just a private utterance of a prayer or a thank you. Smile. And count your blessings!


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  1. Yatin says:

    Very well said. I come from a developing country & living in NY City we get busy and involved that we often take the comforts as granted, forgetting the fact that there are people on the same globe who toil day long just to make their ends meet.

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