Mawuena Kodjo Via American Idol

Randy Jackson broke a few little girls’ hearts last night. And a sweet old mans’ too.

Mawuena Kodjo, an immigrant from West Africa threw his ten gallon hat in the ring and told American that he’s going to be the first African Country music superstar. I just loved him and Randy was so rude to him. Thus, I do not love Randy. The show had him go out and sing in the streets of Savannah for a few people and what do you know? A few little girls and an older gentleman believed in him and went to vouche for him in front of the judges. It was truly the cutest, sweetest moment on televesion in a long time. To which, Randy told the charming little girls that they need their hearing checked. Randy, the ever evolving gentleman. And Steven told them to tell their Mommies to clean their ears. If you didn’t catch it, enjoy the clip below. I promise, that even if you are in a terrible mood, this will lighten your spirit considerably. On a side note, can we get Mawuena to be a guest judge or host on Idol for a day or two?!? Did you love Mawuena as much as I did?


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  1. Thank you so múch for liking my blog post – Im so glad that you enjoyed it!! 😀

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